16th AIAI 2020, 5 -7 June 2020, Greece

Exploring NLP and Information Extraction to jointly address Question Generation and Answering

Pedro Azevedo, Bernardo Leite, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Daniel Silva, Luís Paulo Reis


  Question Answering (QA) and Question Generation (QG) have been subjects of an intensive study in recent years and much progress has been made in both areas. However, works on combining these two topics mainly focus on how QG can be used to improve QA results. Through existing Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, we have implemented a tool that addresses these two topics separately. We further use them jointly in a pipeline. Thus, our goal is to understand how these modules can help each other. For QG, our methodology employs a detailed analysis of the relevant content of a sentence through Part-of-speech (POS) tagging and Named Entity Recognition (NER). Ensuring loose coupling with the QA task, in the latter we use Information Retrieval to rank sentences that might contain relevant information regarding a certain question, together with Open Information Retrieval to analyse the sentences. In its current version, the QG tool takes a sentence to formulate a simple question. By connecting QG with the QA component, we provide a means to effortlessly generate a test set for QA. While our current QA approach shows promising results, when enhancing the QG component we will, in the future, provide questions for which a more elaborated QA will be needed. The generated QA datasets contribute to QA evaluation, while QA proves to be an important technique for assessing the ambiguity of the questions.  

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