16th AIAI 2020, 5 -7 June 2020, Greece

Introducing an edge-native deep learning platform for exergames

Antonis Pardos, Andreas Menychtas, Ilias Maglogiannis


  The recent advancements in the areas of computer vision and deep learning with the development of convolutional neural networks and the profusion of highly accurate general purpose pre-trained models, create new opportunities for the interaction of humans with systems and facilitate the development of advanced features for all types of platforms and applications. Research, consumer and industrial applications increasingly integrate deep learning frameworks into their operational flow, and as a result of the availability of high performance hardware (Computer Boards, GPUs, TPUs) also for individual consumers and home use, this functionality has been moved closer to the end-users, at the edge of the network. In this work, we exploit the aforementioned approaches and tools for the development of an edge-native platform for exergames, which includes innovative gameplay and features for the users. A prototype game was created using the platform that was deployed in the real-world scenario of a rehabilitation center. The proposed approach provides advanced user experience based on the automated, real-time pose and gesture detection, and in parallel maintains low-cost to enable wide adoption in multiple applications across domains and usage scenarios.  

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