16th AIAI 2020, 5 -7 June 2020, Greece

Robust 3D Detection in Traffic Scenario with Tracking-based Coupling System

Zhuoli Zhou, Shitao Chen, Rongyao Huang, Nanning Zheng


  Autonomous driving is conducted in complex scenarios, which requires to detect 3D objects in real time scenarios as well as accurately track these 3D objects in order to get such information as location, size, trajectory, velocity. MOT (Multi-Object Tracking) performance is heavily dependent on object detection. Once object detection gives false alarms or missing alarms, the multi-object tracking would be automatically influenced. In this paper, we propose a coupling system which combines 3D object detection and multi-object tracking into one framework. We use the tracked objects as a reference in 3D object detection, in order to locate objects, reduce false or missing alarms in a single frame, and weaken the impact of false and missing alarms on the tracking quality. Our method is evaluated on kitti dataset and is proved effective.  

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