22nd EANN 2021, 25 - 27 June 2021, Greece

Data Fusion for Deep Learning on Transport Mode Detection: A Case Study

Hugues Moreau, Andrea Vassilev, Liming Chen


  In Transport Mode Detection, a great diversity of methodologies exist according to the choice made on sensors, preprocessing, model used, etc. In this domain, the comparisons between each option are not always complete. Experiments on a public, real-life dataset are led here to evaluate carefully each of the choices that were made, with a specific emphasis on data fusion methods. Our most surprising finding is that none of the methods we implemented from the literature is better than a simple late fusion. Two important decisions are the choice of a sensor and the choice of a representation for the data: we found that using 2D convolutions on spectrograms with a logarithmic axis for the frequencies was better than 1-dimensional temporal representations. To foster the research on deep learning with embedded inertial sensors, we release our code along with our publication.3  

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