17th AIAI 2021, 25 - 27 June 2021, Greece

Using Machine Learning Methods to Predict Subscriber Churn of a Web-based Drug Information Platform

Athanasios Tsadiras, Georgios Theodoridis


  Nowadays, businesses are highly competitive as most markets are extremely saturated. As a result, customer management is of critical importance to avoid dissatisfaction that leads to customer loss. Thus, predicting customer loss is crucial to efficiently target potential churners and attempt to retain them. By classifying customers as churners and non-churners, customer loss is equated to a binary classification problem. In this paper, a new real-world dataset is used, originating from a popular web-based drug information platform, in order to predict subscriber churn. A number of methods that belong to different machine learning categories (linear, nonlinear, ensemble, neural networks) are construct-ed, optimized and trained on the subscription data and the results are presented and compared. This study provides a guide for solving churn prediction prob-lems as well as a comparison of various models within the churn prediction context. The findings co-align with the notion that ensemble methods are, in principle, superior whilst every model maintains satisfying results.  

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