17th AIAI 2021, 25 - 27 June 2021, Greece

A Multi-View Clustering Approach for Analysis of Streaming Data

Vishnu Manasa Devagiri, Veselka Boeva, Shahrooz Abghari


  Data available today in smart monitoring applications such as smart buildings, machine health monitoring, smart healthcare, etc., is not centralized and usually supplied by a number of different devices (sensors, mobile devices and edge nodes). Due to which the data has a heterogeneous nature and provides different perspectives (views) about the studied phenomenon. This makes the monitoring task very challenging, requiring machine learning and data mining models that are not only able to continuously integrate and analyze multi-view streaming data, but also are capable of adapting to concept drift scenarios of newly arriving data. This study presents a multi-view clustering approach that can be applied for monitoring and analysis of streaming data scenarios. The approach allows for parallel monitoring of the individual view clustering models and mining view correlations in the integrated (global) clustering models. The global model built at each data chunk is a formal concept lattice generated by a formal context consisting of closed patterns representing the most typical correlations among the views. The proposed approach is evaluated on two different data sets. The obtained results demonstrate that it is suitable for modelling and monitoring multi-view streaming phenomena by providing means for continuous analysis and pattern mining.  

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